Features and functions:

Temperature measurement and control;

Defrost control;

Temperature calibration;

Start delay protection;

Over temperature alarm;

Cooling and heating switching;

Enter the password to adjust the parameters.



Product size: 75*34.5*85mm

Front panel size: 75*34.5mm

Installation size: 71*29mm



technical parameter:

Power supply voltage: 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz

Power supply: <3W

Temperature measurement range: -40℃~120℃

Temperature control range: -40℃~120℃

Resolution: 0.1℃ at(-40℃~99.9℃); 1℃ in other ranges

Accuracy: ±1℃ at(-40℃~70℃); <less than ±2℃ other ranges

Relay contact capacity: Refrigeration: 10A/220VAC, can drive the maximum load 0.5HP/220VAC Defrost: 10A/220VAC

Sensor type: NTC sensor (10KΩ/25℃, B value 3435K)

Ambient temperature: -10℃~60℃

Storage temperature: -30℃~75℃

Relative humidity: 20%-85% (no condensation)


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